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The road from a digital idea to a profitable business is a tricky one! Many great ideas fail to see the daylight because they falter somewhere along this road. Our experience shows that many startups have a tendency to so much fall in love with their product idea that they forget about the customer - altogether. And when a startup loses sight of the customer, it starts struggling with getting the revenue model to work because that is based on a customer's acceptance of and reliance on their product. But, is a "product" enough? That's another hurdle - a mind trap - in way of startups: they do not focus on building an appealing & meaningful brand. No worries! Minnovax AB is here to make innovation happen through a three-pronged solution: product design, growth planning, and commercialization consulting. We are a team of developers and business specialists focusing on early-stage startups and entrepreneurs with a hunger to change the world! Got an idea? Get in touch with us!

Projects & Initiatives

Minnovax is involved in several early stage tech startups and communities:
Wevlr is the future of social media. It's world's first truly multidimensional social media platform. www.wevlr.com
inCampus is a digital platform connecting students at university campuses with each other and with student and commercial organizations on and off campuses. www.incampus.se
Resetainment is an upcoming digital platform that brings fun, interactivity, and productivity to people's daily commute. www.resetainment.com
Quacks is the Twitter of consumer research and opinion polling. Planned release for the project is early 2018.
Tech Community
Minnovax is in process of setting up a tech meetups community and a startup bar in Småland in early 2018.


Minnovax AB is a core-team of two entrepreneurs - individual consultants may be brought in depending on a project's unique needs.
Johan Mattisson
Johan Mattisson


Technology architecture, product strategy and design, front- and back-end development.

    Naimul Abd
    Naimul Abd

    Chairman of the Board

    Innovation strategy, business development, value proposition design, market traction.

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